About us
VETO synonymous with ...

     ... with the idea of business

In 1986 Miltiadis and Dimitris Korokythakis lay the groundwork for one of the most modern production facilities and marketing women's clothing in Greece, VETO COLLECTION.

In its infancy, the company begins production of clothing and caters exclusively in Northern Greece.

Since then VETO COLLECTION, constant update on current trends and developments in women's clothing, with persistence provides the best quality and steadily expanding its clientele.

     ... with the development

In 1990, the company made its first step in the rest of Greece, project that meets an immediate response.

Sales are rising sharply and increasing production creates the need for more adequate manpower and machinery complete.

The VETO now builds name and business invests in both factors.

Adhering firmly to the quality, the company's sales multiplied as large customers succeed as it smaller. This dynamic presence VETO maximize market awareness and brand preference of the company.

Along with the sharp rise in turnover, the company upgrades its buildings and machinery, with modern electronic systems in order to perfect the quality, fast service and the direct control of production.

     ... with experience in the organization

Today, VETO is one of the biggest manufacturing units and marketing women's clothing leading the research and development with innovative ideas, the combination of quality fabrics, design and interior styling for a perfect and impressive results.

With human factors play a key role in the development of the company, the company currently employs 50 permanent staff with a wide range of disciplines and together create the VETO of the 21st century, your VETO.

     ... with experience in the organization

The VETO is always in contact with its customers as the main line of business is to constantly communicate with them, which creates the most reliable partnerships.

The company informed and keep updated on new developments in women's clothing and cover customer requirements with quick, repeated deliveries.

This whole process is based on daily network partner of the company, all the top names in the production and sale of fabrics, both domestic and international markets.

     ... with the charm of success

The VETO constantly updated on current trends and developments in technology.

The executives are often involved in an international forum, exhibitions and demonstrations in major fashion cities (Milan, Paris, London), thus renewing their knowledge of market trends.

Relying on new know-how, the company has adopted a pioneering concept for the service of fashion and quality by design ... as the production of women's clothing.